Oct 15, 2009

Ora Watch - Jam Meteran Ukur

Sometimes, watches look really interesting. So many of the designs just make you want to grab it then and there. This is a conceptual watch that may give you mixed thoughts. It is a pretty-funky-looking one and has a measuring-tape look-alike thing as its dial. Termed as the Ora watch, this one tells time on a series of three crisscrossed analog time strips. The top one gives time in minutes, overlapping a smaller band with the hours, and a narrow third belt with the current day of the week. The mechanism seems very complicated and quite mind baffling. It is designed by Alexandros Stasinopoulos.

Jadi, siapa yang mau pake meteran sebagai jam? Gag usah takut dikatain kuli? doonk... Udah gag jaman kali malu-maluan~ hahaha... Tinggal tungguin masuk ke Indonesia nih, langsung belii!! :D

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