Nov 7, 2010

I want you all meet my angel

I want you all meet my angel :)

Random Questions!

Okay... I've nothing to write, so i'll just ask some random questions and answered myself.
Pretty stupid right? Well.. lets the stupidity begin :)

What do you eat as breakfast?
Nothing... i wake up and its already lunch..

What is your favorite chilly sauce?
Sambal Belibis!! 

What are you doing right now?
I'm blogging... Stupid --"

Do you feel what are you doing now will affect your future?
Well.. at least i'm not sleeping. D'oh..

Who are you?
Where are you from?
Can you tell something about yourse-?
Stop asking me personal question, dumbass!

Do you know who am i?
My inner thought?

What do you want most nowadays?
Having a good job, a good apartment and i'm ready to leave the house :)

What makes you want to leave the house?
Nothing, i just thought i'm a grown ups now, hey i'm 24 and i really need some privacy. Besides that, i wanna learn to live by myself. I know its gonna rough, but i know i can. :)

Do you love your family?
Yes, i do.. of course, silly. They're my most precious treasures.

Do you have a girlfriend?
Yeah i do! A one fine lady :)

Do you love her?
Your questions is getting silly again.. Of course i love her! 

Is she loves you?
I think so.. 

You think so?
Stop asking this questions..

Okay.. What do you do for living?
For now? Begging to my parents..

Do yo-
PLEASE, i had enough of your questions. Go away and ask somebody else

Err.. Okay.. Thanks for your time..
Get the hell out of here! :p